Monday, June 04, 2007

Machine Works: Elbow Grease Customs Show by Rohby!!!


While not a huge fan of Dunnys, I dig any customs involving mecha. In this case, artist Rohby has been translating his love for mecha and anime series like Macross onto vinyl toys in the form of mechanized Dunnys. His notable talent is being recognized with his own show opening this weekend and going through July 15th at MyPlasticHeartNYC. Produced and curated by ShutterKICK (Jacranky from Skullbrain), this show looks like a blast! What I dig about Rohby's customs are that they are stylized, simple, elegant and not too busy. His customs almost look like they could pop off the page of a manga! For the show, you can see in the teasers that a 7" inch Dunny will be piloting a fully articulated mech ala Patlabor style!!?? How nuts is that?? I want one!! I'm dying to see what other customs he has planned for the show.


Note from Jacranky:

Thanks for the write up! Rohby hand-casts everything out of resin/ABS. All of the add-ons are scratch-built! That is what is so insane about his work. You'll never recognize anything parts as something that is pre-existing, like other artists who kit-bash or take random junk and incorporate it in their customs. Everything Rohby does is designed, molded and casted from scratch!

Each mecha has over 40 points of articulation. INSANE. There will be 8 munny mechas at the show for sale with 2 munny pilots that we'll be giving away in raffles at the opening reception this friday.


I wish I could make the show but just to give you an idea of his crazy talent, check out a couple of his earlier projects...





Now we need to get Rohby to do some mechanized Japanese vinyl!!!!

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