Saturday, June 23, 2007

Gargamel x Napalm Death = Gargadeath!!!!


UPDATE: I sent Shane Embury of Napalm Death an email asking him about the background on Gargadeath and he mailed me back this morning. Sounds like our man in Japan, Dennis (Baikin) is behind the whole deal. That's awesome!!

Thanks Shane!


I have spent a lot of time in tokyo over the past few years and in doing so met a guy called Dennis who,like me was totally into toys and Old school Hardcore punk etc,we became great friends. He introduced me to they guys at gargamel who are big fan of Napalm Death and we started talking about doing a figure together.Itseemed a crazy idea at the time but something that for me was very exciting.

Obviosuly we wanted to tie the figure in with all the other gargamel figures so there would be a general concept but the head design was based on some earlier pictures of me with the crazy frizzy hair,Also live I guess i make some pretty weird faces so that combined with the hair made up the head sculpture as were were keen to keep the figure fantasy based also.

The guys over in tokyo would email sketches untill i said "Thats the one " but it came together really quickly andI am pretty honoured to have a toy figure made after me,that kind of thing doesent happen to you every day.

It would be great to do one of the other guys next !!!

Very interesting! Now I see the resemblance and understand where Gargadeath's crazy frizzy hair came from!!

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pickleloaf said...

This is great! I hadn't seen this before, and I would like to include this information with the next blog I am writing about the Gargadeath.

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