Friday, June 22, 2007

Gargadeath Returns to the City June 25th!!!!



Gargamel x Napalm Death x Ningyoushi Exclusive Gargadeath. Limited to 100 pieces worldwide.

June 25th at 11am Exclusively at Double Punch, San Francisco. Also available online at One per person, no holds, no pre-orders.

1821 Powell Street
San Francisco, California 94133

Store Hours:
11am-7pm Monday - Saturday
11am-6pm Sunday

Final Set of full body pictures Friday Night!!!

Napalm Death, Forefathers of Grindcore!!!!

Formed in 1982, NAPALM DEATH are the legitimate forefathers of grindcore and achieved a legendary status already during their early days with their viciously raw demos like “Hatred Surge” and the debut album “Scum” (1987), which started a truly violent revolution within the world of extreme music. Ever since then their name is inevitably connected with raving high-speed, and although no member of the original line-up is playing in the band these days they haven't cut down on their ferocity. The lot from Birmingham, England, still delivers a furious mix formed out of highly aggressive (extreme-) metal and savage hardcore/punk fitted with social criticism. Their ceaseless worldwide touring helped them gain technical perfection and thus the ability to refine their sound. The early to mid nineties saw NAPALM DEATH implement more death metal elements (just listen to 1990’s “Harmony Corruption”), groove and even melodies in their songs, e.g. to be heard on the blistering albums “Fear, Emptiness, Despair” (1994) and “Diatribes” (1996). But, to avoid any misconceptions, our beloved grinders never alienated their fans with drastic musical changes. Their songs continued to be inalterable monuments of fury and especially “Enemy Of The Music Business” (2001), “Order Of The Leech” (2002) as well as 2005’s “The Code Is Red…Long Live The Code” demonstrated Napalm Death's dedication to sheer brutality and blasting noisy sonic eruptions.

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