Wednesday, June 13, 2007

One-Up's Annual Skuttle Paint & Customs Show!!!!

DSCF1731 400x299

Going on right now through June 17th at One Up is their annual Skuttle Paint & Customs show!! Our man in Japan; Mark "LivingDead" was kind enough to snap some shots even though he's not a Skuttle collector! Thanks Mark! As you can see, the crowd has stepped up and taken full liberty of the new Skuttle X sculp. My favorite would have to be this Samurai Skuttle above. If you look closely, you can see the Mini Touma Knucklebear at the base. I'm gonna guess this entry would be from Touma himself....


DSCF1734 400x299

You can't really miss the signature bling, bling from Touma's old Sega buddy...OKN!!!

DSCF1735 400x533

Did Kozik make an entry????

DSCF1733 400x299

DSCF1739 400x299

Skuttle x Henshin Cyborg? Huh? Did Nathan Cabrera make an entry?

DSCF1737 400x533

I'm digging this Punk Rock Skuttle

DSCF1736 400x533

Lastly, from blog of BLObPUS, we have this Docross Skuttle Custom. Very interesting


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