Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Toy Picture of the Week!!!


There are a ton of really great toy photographers around. I am fortunate to see really interesting shots almost every day. I'm gonna try to start showcasing off some of these shots on a weekly basis if possible. If you have a great shot, lemme know!! Michael from Skullbrain shows off his camera skillz with this beautiful back-list shot of a clear pink Biskup Dragamel who looks like he's breathing fire amongst his troops of radio-active zombie ninjas!! Funny thing about this shot, everyone wanted to know where the gummy ninjas came from. Michael tells us that he won them as prizes playing video games at Chuck E. Cheese!! So friggin rad!! Thanks Michael!


Limited Ed. said...

I have a ton of those ninja figures also. I got them in a gum-ball machine in a Harris Teeter grocery store in Savannah, Georgia about ten years ago. The ones I have are opaque rather than translucent, though.

toybot studios said...

hahaaha. it's so funny what we all think is cool. I like the fact that these ninjas came in clears colors.

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