Thursday, June 28, 2007

Takara Microman Votoms Merowlink Military Bike Set



Heres another toy that's been sitting in it's box begging to be displayed and photographed!! I've got a weakness for toy motorcyles. If you don't believe me, check out this Set on Flickr. I used to ride crotch rockets and decided to give them up for fear of killing myself so now I just try to live my riding fantasies out on toy motorcyles. Anyhooo, this Takara Microman Merowlink set is from the Votoms universe and features this vintage Military bike with sidecar ala Hogan's Heroes. Hopefully, you're not so old to remember HH and if so, what the hell are you doing reading a toy blog? ok, you're a geezer toy geek like me. cool. I'm digging the details on this bike. It has a die-cast frame underneath to hold the bike to the sidecar so it's pretty sturdy. There is some nice paint application and tons of little details like working luggage. The figure itself comes with this bad ass rifle and poncho to give you that post-apocalypic feel going on ala Mad Max. What? Never saw Mad Max? What the hell are you doing reading a toy blog?? Please note the Chirico figure is NOT included in the set. That will cost you another $15 bucks but worth getting so you can have a reason to have a sidecar....



Description from Hobby Link Japan

"Armor Hunter Merowlink," the 1988-89 OVA series spun off from "Armored Trooper Votoms," had a fervent following but no toys or kits back in the day. Now Takara makes up for lost time with this Micro Action Plus set of Merowlink Ality and his military bike with sidecar!

Pony-tailed Merowlink has 37 points of articulation, and comes with an optional goggle-wearing head, five pairs of optional arms, a removable nylon mantle, and of course an anti-AT rifle and pile bunker, his weapons of choice to give ATs back a faceful of their own kind of firepower! A lifesize dogtag base is included to display Merowlink standing, but he'll be most at home on his military bike. The motorcycle and its removable sidecar are loaded with details, from brake cables to opening sideboxes (and do not have the dirty splotches on the prototype pictured below). All in a sturdy display box with wide windows fore and aft that let you enjoy seeing the set if you'd rather not open it. Thanks, Takara!







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