Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pushead Pirate Booty from SDCC!!!

pushspfront2 400x544

Pictured here is some of the Pirate Booty from Pushead's visit to SDCC from Skullbrain boardmember Poppacap. Thanks Arin!! There is a mob waiting to kill you for these handpaints!!

Above and below: Handpainted Skull Pirates blind bagged and sealed. Some lucky guys will receive the ultra-rare Copper variant.

pushspfront 400x415

pushspback 400x553

Handpainted Damnedron Sets, anyone?? One of only 25 sets created!!

pusdamnsfront 400x412

Lastly, the Rusty Skull Pirate. Pushead's "production" piece for the show.

rustyhook 400x446

rustywave 400x442

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