Friday, August 25, 2006

Super 7 Super Secret Set Surfaces!!!

So the super secret set that I was referring to in my last post has been revealed!! I gotta hand it to Brian and Isaac over at Super 7. These are empathetic guys. There are many of us (including me) that for a number of reasons could not put the set of four S7 Exclusive Gargamel figures together to win the 5th Dokuro Man. Am I disapointed? Yes. But leave it to Super 7 to give the rest of us a very, very nice consolation prize: The Super 7 Dokuro Man Set below. I have to say that I prefer this set to the 5th Dokuro Man. It's all about the clear vinyl for me. Thanks guys!!



After all that work to track down those pesky glow figures in the last five weeks, don’t you feel like just a little more vinyl in your life? Us too! So, we decided to kick it up just a bit more, and really go skull crazy.

On Saturday, August 26th, Super7 will release an unannounced set of two mini figures: a translucent orange Dokuro Man, and a black Dokuro Man. These figures are great by themselves as a pair, and they also go great with that glow Dokuro Man you (hopefully) just acquired. The set of Dokuro Men will be released on Saturday at 11:00 am PST when the Super7 store opens. Those in attendance will be the first to buy, after that, the figures will be available for phone and web orders. Only 50 sets will be made, and there are no holds or pre-orders. $50 per set.
415 409 4700

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