Friday, August 25, 2006

Super 7 Gargamel Exclusive Toys: Final Week!!!

I'm sorry to report that this Saturday is the final week of Super 7's Summer Sale. In case you're just catching up, each week for the past four weeks, Super 7 and Gargamel have released a secret, super exclusive Gargamel figure. If you were saavy enough to collect all four figures, you are treated to a fifth mystery figure FREE! We all like free stuff. The only catch is these little buggers are hard to get. There are only 50 sets created and each week they have sold out in 10 minutes! I myself missed the first week so I won't be getting the fifth figure, but that's life. Before we show you the fourth Gargamel figure and the Mystery fifth figure, let's recap the first three:



Now for this week's release: Gargamel's Hedoran!!! One of my favorites and in the S7 signature black and orange! So if you are lucky enough to have all four, you can send in your header cards and receive the mystery fifth figure FREE!!! What is the fifth figure?? Drum roll, please....Super 7 Exclusive Dokuro Man!!! Very cool!! I actually just received my first one of these little guys in clear purple. There is also going to be an extra special super double secret set released tomorrow as well. Shhhhhhhhh, I can't tell you what it is. If I do, I'll be thrown to the Skullbrain hyenas for breakfast!! Suffice to say that the fans are gonna love it! Better get down to Super 7 early. This is going to be a big Saturday!!



What about pictures from last week's festivities? Here they are:

Besides the Bako, the bonus releases came from Real x Head including the very cool Devilman, clear Bigaro with gumballs and of course Isaac's exclusive Camguts!


Keith is always first in line!

Harmon and Son with the goods!

Hiro raking in all the dough!

Shibby and Brian sad because they missed out on the exclusive figures.

Everyone is happy with their stash!

Isaac with his Camguts!

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