Monday, August 28, 2006

More New Votoms Figures Coming!!!


I'm not sure what is going on with Votoms this year, but the licensing floodgates have seemed to open wider! I'm not complaining as I would love to see more Votoms figures released.

First up, we have this insane 1/18 Strikedog DX with Ypsilon Pilot action figure. Made by Takara, this monster will set you back around $143 without shipping and is due out in October just in time for your X-mas wishlist. I can only hope it looks this good with all the detailing and weathering as shown. Not to get off on a rant, but I was put off with the 1/12 Yamato versions because they look so....blah. No detailing or weathering to speak of. Maybe Takara has taken the hint, made one a bit smaller and put all the lovely weathering that us lazy bastards who can't paint, really like! As you can see, it's fully transformable into "Down" mode. I'm a bit curious as to the scale...I thought the Microman size pilots fit into the 1/12 version. Would that mean this pilot shown is smaller than a standard Microman? I'm sure one of you guys knows the answer. Please send in your comments.


Next up, we have two new 1/35 figures from the lovely Max Factory who definitely know how to make a good action figure. I already own CM's Corp Max Zerberus and am looking forward to adding the Bloodsucker when it arrives (pics below). To continue the line-up, because I've got so much shelf space to fill (not), we have the really amazing and wonderfully blue Strikedog. The color is half the reason to buy this guy. Won't be here until December and will set you back $42 before shipping. Then we have the 1/35 Crimson Brutish Dog. The color definitely sets it apart and I like the gattling gun arm as well! Will be out in October for around $42 before shipping.





Other recent Votoms releases worth mentioning here would include CM's Corporation Blue Knight Berserga Super Execution Limited Color which has this cool metallic pearl blue paint job plus CM's Corp. Shadow Flare Limited Edition with the same metallic pearl black paint job.



I wish I could own the entire set from both manufacturers!!! Not enough money nor shelf space! Where can you buy all these guys??? You can just click here to take you straight to the Votoms Index on Hobby Link Japan


Anonymous said...

The Takara DMZ-01 Scopedog and DMZ-02 Strikedog are 1/18 scale, as are Microman figures.

Keep up the good work on the blog!

toybot studios said...

ahhhhh, I knew one of you guys knew the answer! Doh! now that i'm holding up one of my Microman to the Yamato Chirico pilot, I can tell that they are indeed two different scales. Now I get it! Well, I still like the 1/18 scale better! Do you know if it will come all weathered like the pics?

Anonymous said...

My guess would be that it comes weathered. Then Takara-Tomy can release a special, Wonderfest exclusive, non-weathered version like they did with the DMZ-01, and get suckers like me to buy another. Ahhh, but I was probably going to get another anyhow.
I don't have the 1/12, but from what I've seen, and from a space consideration perspective, I've got to go with the 1/18, also. I hope that Takara releases weapon and accessory packs for the 1/18 like the 1/12 has.

Anonymous said...

just to add, the strike dog will actually be slightly bigger than the Scopedog. The Strikedog is a heavy-class armored trooper whereas the scopedog is the mid-class (I think that's "Mid"-class). I'm really glad that Takara took this into consideration when designing this one.

I know people look forward to CM's Votoms, too. I have a question or maybe two: What models are the CM's Votoms based from? and how's the quality? I got a CM's GGG and wasn't impressed, so I stay away from other lines.

BTW, I picked up some of the Max factory interpretations as well. I think they are good, but I wish that they'd come with more accessories and maybe a display base like the Takara 1/48 AGs do. they just don't have that something that says, "this is the real deal". I have a scopedog on one of my shelves and my friends don't pay it much mind. I decided that they look more "complete" to me if I just leave them in their packaging. Another thing, the max factory Votoms are not actually in scale to one another. But they are great sculpts and figures nonetheless!



toybot studios said...

I have one of CM Corp's Votoms figure which is the Ltd Edition Zerberus pictured in blue. I like it a lot, but the joints could be a little firmer. Nonetheless, it wouldn't stop me from buying another one.

Takara Strikedog on ORDER! Waiting for Bloodsucker to show up in September!

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