Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Real x Head T-Shirts Preview!!!


I was super stoked to hear that artist and friend, Hiro LiLJAPAN has been given the greenlight by Mori of RealxHead to design and market RealxHead T-Shirts. These shirts will be super limited and sold in only the finest boutiques from here to Japan including home town favorite, Super7. Congratulations Hiro! The designs are sick! I can hardly wait to get both versions! I love the kanji going down the side on the front. The skull design on the back kills too! I think if I was gonna change anything, it would be cool to have the kanji go across the top on the back as well and have it say RealxHead in english below the skull. Either case, these shirts look awesome. Pre-order them from the above link tomorrow night for $29 including shipping in the US.



Hiro with an artists proof of the RealxHead Gotchamon from Series 1 signed and painted by Mori himself!!! Ack! I want it!!


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