Thursday, April 05, 2007

Celebrate Pusfan's 10th Anniversary!!!


A wonderful bomb of sorts was dropped on the toy community yesterday by legendary artist Pushead who announced two new Skull Pirates and the chase Skullwing to the already announced Punkwing for Superfestival 42. As usual, these toys are an amazing trifecta collaboration between Pushead, Secret Base and Astro Zombies.

Pushead's online persona run by all around nice guy David celebrating their 10th anniversary of Pushead fandom by releasing a stealth Skull Pirate in some kind of crazy metallic black colorway that just blows me away. I wrote Pusfan and said something along the lines of willing to give up my left kidney for this 10th Anniversary Skull Pirate and if they wanted the right kidney, to just let me know when they send the invoice and I would overnight it. No reply yet.

The second Skull Pirate announced is a "Desert Gold" colorway with brown hues and a gold bling bling eye patch. Very interesting and I can hardly wait to see the whole figure.


Lastly and not leastly by any means is a sneak peek of the chase Skullwing that will accompany the "Punkwing" slated for Superfestival 42 in a couple of weeks. The chase comes in an orange flourescent colorway with a more traditional red tartan plushie inside.


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