Thursday, April 05, 2007

Toypunks Documentary DVD


One of the things i'm most looking forward to this fall isn't even a toy. But it is a documentary DVD about Japanese toys and the crazy characters that design and make them. Toypunks is the brainchild of former Super7 editor and super duper nice guy Justin Kovalsky. I had the pleasure of working a bit with Justin and I can honestly say that I don't know a nicer guy on this planet. I'm stoked about this project and will be one of the first to purchase this interesting documentary on the Japanese toy designers whose creations capture so much of our attention (& $$$$). From their website:


toypunks is a documentary film that's underway and scheduled for release in fall 2007. In this movie we'll be offering a rare first-hand glimpse of the converging worlds of Japanese street, punk and toy culture through in-depth interviews and on-location shooting in Japan and the US. We'll be sitting down with several of the top fashion designers, toy makers and artists in Japan and illuminating the fact that most of these influential creators find deep roots in DIY, punk and outsider attitudes. Later, we'll be talking with top US artists and toy makers on the American West and East Coasts, seeking parallels between their lives and those of their Japanese contemporaries. So get ready. toypunks are go!

The man behind the toy and fashion megabrand, Bounty Hunter, Hikaru Iwanaga.


Hiddy Kinoshita is the owner of one of my favorite toy lines, Secret Base



Maestros of Japanese Horror-Punk Balzac have been collaborating with Secret Base for years to produce some of the sickest toys out there.



Do yourself a favor and check the ongoing progress of the documentary by visiting the Toypunks blog.


Unknown said...

thanks for the kind words and enthusiasm for our project! Justin is a hell of a guy, and has tremendous knowledge of and respect for the Japanese toy scene.

be on the lookout for some new posts from the Japan shoot soon, and the toypunks/west coast shoot to follow.


chris nelson

toybot studios said...

ack! thanks for stopping by Chris! Now i'm embarassed that I didn't mention your name! Sorry! Looking forward to more updates. Drop me a note when you guys do any shooting in the Bay Area, I'd love to take some shots of you guys in action! Behind the scenes stuff!

here's Chris' bio:

Nelson was born and raised in New Orleans, fronting a post-punk band throughout high school. In addition to the interstitial and branding work for Anime Network, Nelson brings 14 years of professional experience as an editor, director, creative director and videographer. Key credits include editor on VH1's Video Timeline series, commercials for Burger King, Continental Airlines and Havoline. He has been a segment editor for ESPN2, Fox and ABC Sports as well as a frequent collaborator with Houston's ttweak, most recently as editor and post production supervisor for Tapping Maple Ridge, a HD documentary about the intersection of wind energy and maple syrup production.

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