Monday, April 09, 2007

One Up's Annual Skuttle Paint & Custom Show!!


One Up is holding their annual custom Skuttle show this June. Ken is selling all clear Skuttles and the new awesome Skuttle X in both clear and this Double Black versions! Great opportunity to show off your skillz customizing a rad figure designed by Touma in collaboration with One Up. I'm down!! Send me my figures and let's bust out the airbrush!!




Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated:

I am JUST NOW getting into Gacha Mecha by Gargamel--and I saw your pics from a forum--cool! Have you seen any of the GID with clear black vinyl ones in your neck of the woods?

living on the east coast pretty-much blows for this kind of stuff.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I found a Clear green Usagi for preorder at
but you gotta request one. same goes for Frozen empire toys.

...and a GID Usagi is on the way! yow! I finally had a little luck with this shit.

so, yeah...Gacha Mecha. I know it's inappropriate to ask, but let me know if you see anything in your stomping grounds if you can! the limitednes of this crap is such a pain!!!


toybot studios said...

hahaha! Gacha Mecha is an overlooked gem! The GID guy you're talking about is one of my favorites. The same guy with the big hands in clear purple is one of my all time favorites.

check back with they are sold out on the GID, but may be reloading soon.

Anonymous said...

I sure will. I almost broke down and picked up some of the TTToys stuff, but I'll hold out to see if nothing short of a miracle happens with the GMecha. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

The website is actually You should have bit on the TTToys stuff, ji- they're great and pretty affordable for sofubi. :D

Fortunately, the GID Gachados seems to be one of the easier Gacha-mecha to find- I've seen some go up for sale in the past few months. Now Toybot's clear purple is another story...

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