Monday, April 09, 2007

New RealxHead RED Lucky Cat Available for Pre-Order!!!


Wow, what started as kind of a fluke for RealxHead, Mori's Cyclops Lucky Cat fashioned after the ubiqutous cats you see in every Sushi restaurant, is a qualified hit! The first version was in the traditional white, the black second version is almost mythical in it's availability. But now, thank you Mori cause RealxHead is taking pre-orders for this sick RED version for anyone that wants one! Yay! You can add your name to pre-order list HERE at Skullbrain and Super7 will take care of the order! Thanks Brian and Isaac! Now this is the way a new toy should get released. Everyone that wants one, pre-order and pay for it and wait a few weeks and it shows up. No muss, no fuss. Everyone is happy.

They are a bit bigger than a normal six inch RealxHead figure and of course, chunkier, but they are no where near the size of the Lucky Cats you hug when swilling cheap warm sake at your local Sushi bar.

Here's a pic from Datadub on the very elusive Black version. How elusive? At one point, Kozik was offering a bounty of TWO (2) Murder Damnedrons for this guy!! He eventually got his of course.


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