Sunday, April 08, 2007

New TTToys Painted Sculps!!!


One of the guys (3x3is9) on Skullbrain is Canadian and is the purveyor of an interesting little online store called Grumble Toy. It's interesting cause not only does he carry Gargamel, more importantly, I think he could be the only guy in North America that stocks TTToys. This is a big deal cause these little bastards go lickity split. For example, i'm a TTToys fan and I look out for them, but I completely missed the all clear versions and the first wave of their painted clear versions of their two new sculps Jequlinan and Gerugo!! Hell, I didn't even have decent photos of them...until now cause I stole them off Grumble's site! He's out of these guys, damnit! Check back soon as he is re-stocking. Some day soon these will be mine!! Alos check out the other TTToys he has including the the Blue and Red Grus and even some Prodons!




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