Thursday, April 19, 2007

Skull Bunnies Debut at APE!!!


Check out these cute and cool Skull Bunnies that will debut this weekend at APE. Hand cast and painted by comic artist Ben Seto from Black Sheep Comics, they will be released in very exclusive and ultra limited quantities at APE. They will debut in four different colorways: Pink, Skeleton, Mecha and Glow Pink. They each come in a really cool, retro, re-cycled gashapon egg donated by Isaac over at Super7. They are mini figures around 3 inches tall, but pack a ton of personality for being dead bunnies.





A Skull Bunny comic will also be introduced along side the figure and tells the story of a young girl who stumbles upon the Skull Bunny as it magically comes to life. As she befriends the bunnies, she learns of the Jelly Dragon which ate the bunnies when they were alive. Now she must help her new friends deal with the Jelly Dragon and other adventures.

p1 copy

When I first saw the sample comic pages, the style struck me as something similar to Hayao Miyazaki . Ben admits that when he pictures landscape scenes, he does think of Miyazaki. Look at the detail in these trees! However, his real inspiration comes from one of my favorite artists, Masamune Shirow, most famous for Ghost in the Shell.



In discussing his comic style, it's funny because depending on who you ask, their reaction is different. When someone who is hardcore into Japanese anime and manga, the reaction is that Ben's style is too westernized. When he asks a western contingency, the response is that his artwork is too much like Japanese manga. Ben feels like his work might not belong in either place and therefore the name "Black Sheep Comics".

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I think his artwork, comic and toys are amazing and I don't think it really matters if its too one way or the other. The fact remains is that it's beautful and i'm positive with more exposure, Black Sheep Comics will be recognized and accepted in any circle. So get to APE this Saturday and get out Ben and his Skull Bunnies!!

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