Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Gotchamon Series 2 Preview!!


Let the panic begin! Gotchamon Series 2 is almost here! After spending a boatload to only get a couple of painted sculps in Series 1, I am hopeful that there will be a better ratio of painted to un-painted in these interesting micro-mini figure series featuring a gaggle of talented toy designers putting their mark on a tiny one inch figure dispensed out of giant gumball machines last year! Look out for them on the secondary market (YJA) on May 5th!! Cinco de Mia!!

I'm hoping that since most people didn't get any last go around, that they will be less interested to try and collect Series 2. You know, the completists out there. The painted ones are a bitch to collect. Just stay away! I'm liking the RealxHead, Skull Toys, Skull Head Butt and BLObPUS versions (again).







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