Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Midget Mecha Godzilla!!


Interesting toy maker West Kenji 1999 is releasing a six inch "Super Deformed"-type Mecha Godzilla for Superfestival 42 in a few days. I'm a closet Mecha Godzilla fan and the fact that this one is Super Deformed makes him cute and cool at the same time! I'm liking the size as well. He will fit in nicely with the rest of my collection! Doesn't he look like he's busting out the "Heisman" in the pic above?






Unknown said...

Amazing pictures of Toys. Its really fantastic. Thanks for sharing it here. Well, by the way I am having a huge collection of Godzilla toys and Action figures. I use to purchase them from godzilla-toys.net. There I found such a amazing toys of good quality.

Unknown said...

I know this post is 4 years old but GOD-ZILLA-DAMN I want one of those!!! Any chance on knowing where to find any? My internet search came up snake eyes!

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