Monday, April 09, 2007

Tiffany's x Secret Base Exclusive Diamond & Skullbrain Set!!!


Ok, not exactly, but Secret Base is doing a new series called "We Love" which appears to be some kind of "Brandjack" of stuff we dig (or in the case of Tiffany, our GF and Wives dig). What I like about Hiddy's new idea is that we will be wondering what the next Brandjack will be? More importantly, how do you convey that brand on the next Secret Base figure? Thoughts? How about Louis Vuitton Skullbee? Ferarri Mantis? Diet Coke Bagman? jk, but I do love my diet coke!




I'm hooked and you are too. Get 'em tomorrow at Super7

rockin pics from Mark LivingDead in Japan! This guy always gets the goods first!!!

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