Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fewture EX-Gokin Boss Borot and Doublas Preview!!


Tell you what, you want quality, hyper-detailed, super-stylized die-cast figures? Check out Fewture's EX-Gokin line-up. Yeah, these are ridiculously expensive, but if you want the best, here it is. More importantly, Fewture is giving the EX-Gokin treatment to two classic characters including Boss Borot and the two-headed Doublas from the Mazinger Universe. Look at this insane detail!!?? They have tiny pilots for gods sakes! I love the futuristic, industrial aesthetics of these guys! The EX-Gokin line was designed by the late Taku "Professor Robo" Sato who passed away suddenly last August. Be sure to check out this incredible interview on an extremely talent individual who will be missed from Matt Alt!

Art Storm is taking pre-orders now, but not sure if they will accept overseas orders. I managed somehow to fill out the pre-order form with a translation tool, so let's keep our fingers crossed. $200 retail each, but the Getter EX-Gokin robots are fetching around $300-$350 on Yahoo Japan these days!











Anonymous said...

awesome, its about time Fewture/artstorm decided to release the last two figures from the 1901AD line. cant wait for these...thx for the Pics!!

toybot studios said...

i know. this guy is sweet. Just pre-ordered mine for $200 through Celga. Bet they go up to $350 immediately. Will be released in July.

Just saw a silver Boss Borot colorway in Hyper Hobby. sick

Anonymous said...

Well the previous figures were already retailed at $300 weren't they? So they are reselling for $300 to $350 now. These are retailing at $200ish. I wouldn't expect them to jump over $250 after market.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the prices will sky-rocket unlike 1969 Mazingers. These toys have a different appeal.

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