Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wonderwall Drops Two New Colorways!!


God bless Wonderwall who know a good thing when they got it. They seem to be dropping new colorways of their Kaiju For Grown Up series like nobody's business. With their show at the National Arts Center only a week or two away, Wonderwall puts two new colorways out. The first dubbed "Mountain Dew" Usagi-Gon by it's creator Frank Kozik sports clear green vinyl with a gold grill that would make this half bunny, half Gamera right at home at the "Player's Ball". All he needs is a couple of kaiju ho's and he's all set! I'm digging the colorway.


Next up is the new GID Tankizaado designed by Tim Biskup. At first, I wasn't so sure about the Christmas colorway, but I think the red and blue colors have been pumped up in the picture. What caught my attention was the flipside showing the silver and blue fade. Nice.


front_GID Tank

You might be able to pre-order them from Tokyocube right now or check in with Super7 who is also taking pre-orders. They should arrive sometime in mid April.

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