Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Burgerbuns Is Seeing Brains!!!!!


Critically acclaimed artist, toy maker and all around nice guy Le Merde will be releasing a very limited supply of his new clear Burgerbuns with day-glo brains tomorrow (Thursday). Le Merde is adding Burgerbuns to his already wacky roster of funky characters which includes Pony Falcone and Hollis Price! His toys remind me somewhat of Dehara's Morlin character. I think it's because both Morlin and Pony Falcone are steroid-induced muscle bound maniacs. I think I expected Pony to also have a sizable endowment below. Having said this, Le Merde has his own unique, whimsical, imperfect, garage-quality about his toys that make them all the more lovable and collectible. It's interesting that the fluffiness of his characters contrast with the materials used to produce them. These things are solid and heavy! Le Merde uses urethane plastic to cast his toys, but it feels and weighs like glass! Highly recommended. Be lucky enough to snag one of the Burgerbuns tomorrow. Twelve (12) sold online at Le Merde, five (5) at Bwana's Grass Hut and three (3) at Kristen's Schmancy's Toys

If you don't get one, don't fret cause there is still some clear and painted Pony Falcone's and Hollis Price figures still available at Le Merde's online toy store!! Get 'em while you can!!!






Pony Falcone was born on August 30th 1956. He was born on the wrong side of the tracks leading him to be a very wild child (albeit very friendly). At a very young age Pony saved a young man from drowning in Lake Brown. This child was Hollis Price. This event forever sealed their fate as BFF. Pony has taken on the life mission of spreading the "Word of ZEU". He likes to say "I have the friendliest muscles around, so pay attention".




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