Monday, March 05, 2007

Lamour Supreme x Mutant Massacre Super Limited Shirt and Plexi-Print Set


The long-awaited Lamour Supreme x Mutant Massacre Limited Plexi-Print and T-Shirt Combo package is available for pre-sale!

Mutant Massacre and artist supreme, Lamour, bring you a limited shirt and plexi print set. Each print is silkscreened on a 12″x12″ piece of plexi glass, then hand detailed and colored by Lamour, so no two prints will be the same.



Each shirt will be in a poly bag and have a amazing pop up header card featuring the incredible artwork of Lamour and stunning coloring done by Ratcrtur.

The sets are limited to 20 and will only be available through this pre-order.Each set is $65 shipped in the USA, overseas orders please contact for shipping at info@ .



Reserve your shirt and custom plexi/print set by paypaling $65 to and make sure to include your shirt size.Remember there are only 20 available ,so dont wait.

Pre order is going until 10 march 2007 ,estimated shipdate is 30th of March 2007.

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