Monday, March 12, 2007

Two More Secret Base x Shocker x Balzac Bagman!!!


One of these you can have (maybe) and one that you cannot have (unless you're willing to fork out some serious dinero). Right on the heels of the insane super limited release of the Bloody Bagman with megaphone from Shocker Europe which literally brought their servers to their knees as only thirteen (13) of these sets which came with a T-shirt were released (see pic below), Shocker World Wide answers the call with their own version of the Bagman. This time black body with red skeleton and white bag. Awesome! And for those of you that are gluttons for punishment, there will be six (6) in a ultra, mega, unfathomable limited edition with BLUE blood splatter which looks amazing as you can see. A total of fifty (50) figures will be released, but the T-shirt is separate.


Here's a pic of the Shocker-EU set which got so many hits to get the "Secret Password" in order to order the set first come; first serve, that we literally broke their web servers. It was like the last Kaws online sale all over again! ack!


The other Bagman that was released recently is this all black version which legend holds was just released at the Shocker Retail store in Osaka only. Very rare and the first two that were sold on Yahoo Japan Auctions the other day went for close to $400 USD each!! There is one with a Buy It Now price of 25,000 yen which is just under $250 USD! It's making the first Buy It Now auction of this figure of 13,800 yen or just under $140 USD look pretty good right about now. I was willing to go maybe $125 max, but with this Shocker World Wide version above, i'm happy just to go for that one!



I say more Bagman!!! Bring it on!!!

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