Monday, March 26, 2007

Rumble Monsters M1 Pharoah!!


I just received my Rumble Monsters M1-Go Pharoahs from Wonderfestival the other day. For whatever reason, I was never into this sculp. I think it was because I thought it was the standard 9" inch size which is too big for my collection. I made an exception when I saw this beautiful M1-Go colorway in this beautiful metallic blues, purples and greens. It has all my favorite colors so how could I pass it up? So when it showed up, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this figure is really only 6" inches tall which is perfect for my collection! Now I want to collect the entire series which is good and bad. It's nice to have a new series to enjoy collecting, but it's bad when it's rare and very expensive. The older versions that I want command prices upwards of $250 each! ack! That makes them cost-prohibitive. I understand they will be making an entire line-up of mini Pharoahs to go along with the mini damnedrons. If so, count me in!







I think the best way to keep up with my new found affinity for Rumble Monsters is to buy the new releases as they come out. The next Pharaohs to be released is this "Sakura Clear Pink" colorway in April. This is the 2nd version in the "Seasons" series from Rumble Monsters retail outlet and distributor Erostika. The first version was the "Snow" Pharaoh to represent Winter. "Sakura" version to represent spring and then we will have Summer and Fall versions too. I say keep 'em coming all year long!


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