Tuesday, March 06, 2007

LASH x Cronic Custom Maverasu!!


LASH comes with another amazing custom piece. This time he reluctantly agreed to paint a clear Cronic Maverasu. With six arms, the complexity of this customs goes up considerably and I thank LASH for his time and energy. He reports that he has a new respect for Cronic and that he probably won't be doing another custom Maverasu for quite some time as the amount of work involved is prohibitive. As for the color scheme, I have three other Cronic Maverasu and they all have a lot of red and yellow in them. I wanted a blue / green version. LASH pushed back and wanted to do something a bit more wild I think. He had to twist my arm a bit to go with the gold highlights. I think I told him ok, do it, but I don't want anything too "Liberace"

As you can see below, it really turned out quite amazing. Unfortunately, these pics do not do this piece justice. With all the different colors, blending and subtle shading, it's one of those pieces that looks different everytime you pick it up. That's another reason why there are so many pictures. Depending on the lighting, it does look different. Thanks LASH, great job!











Anonymous said...

Hey, it's me, ji. I was wondering if Super7 has a walk-in shop that would have other figures available other than the ones on their site?

If so, could you do me a favor? Next time you go in the shop, could you tell me if they have an Obake Ghost (clear purple with GID body), like the one listed and shown here: http://super7store.com/magazine/checklists.php?PHPSESSID=3e2279857ddba5a36df87145767474ef

It's the one pictured. I think it's number 13 on the list. If they have it, could you get the price for me?

I understand if this is not possible, but I just thought I'd ask. Thanks.


greenery said...

Hey, you can contact me at my site now, if you want. I finally signed up for one.


toybot studios said...

hi ji,

yes, Super7 has a retail store in San Francisco. They do have a lot of stuff in the store that's not on the website (by design).

I actually did go to S7 after I read your note and looked for the Obake, but unfortunately, they don't have that one. you might try looking around www.skullbrain.org/bb . one of the guys was selling a clear obake with GID body.

if you do sign up, lemme know and I can introduce you. we would rather not have newbies jump in immediately asking to buy a bunch of stuff. it's considered a bit rude.

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