Friday, March 16, 2007

Killer Dragons From the West!!!


From what I understand, lines have been forming all day and the show isn't even until tomorrow (in Japan). This is a biggie and hopefully all the flippers won't get everything. Were keeping our fingers crossed that Bwana and Tim will be able to bring back a little goodness from this Killer Dragon show!!!!! I want one of those clear pink Dragamel and Killer sets so bad, I have to pee!!

From Flopdoodle:

Killer Dragons From The West!!!

Tim & his pal Bwana Spoons will be in Tokyo for a mini-art show and exclusive vinyl figure release party at Thrash-Out, the flagship store for boutique figure line Gargamel.

Tim's "Mini-Dragamel" and Bwana's "Killer" figures are being produced as a set in a special clear-pink color-way (sorry, no pictures, yet). The set will be limited to 100 of each figure.

Also available will be two different exclusive GLOW-IN-THE-DARK versions of Tim's Big Pollard figure. One is limited to 100. The other is limited to only 25! Here are pictures:




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