Thursday, March 15, 2007

Super 7 x Skull Toys Exclusive Orange Doku-Rocks This Saturday!!


Super 7 and Skull Toys team up to offer this exclusive Super 7 Signature Colorway of Doku-Rocks mini figure!! I love these little guys. Isaac mentioned to me a ways back that Super7 was doing a Skull Toy Mini exclusive, but I must have forgot because when I saw this on Yahoo Japan auctions, I got all excited and put in a bid for like $70! One of the guys on Skullbrain dropped me a note and said don't go too crazy cause this is the Super7 version! ack! So I hoped that I actually would get outbid so I could get this toy for $30 less! Eventually I did get outbid so all is well and this little guy can join all his brothers!! Family picture very soon!

The usual drill, 11am this Saturday at Super7. Online and phone-in orders after the locals have had their fill. $40 each...

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