Sunday, March 11, 2007

New Busou Shinki Action Figure Pics!!


I recently discovered this line of female action figures based on an online game by Konami called "Busou Shinki" I wrote this post about it late last year and am sad to report that I am still eagerly awaiting my first two of these figures (the crazy Devil Girl and Bunny with machine gun chick). Diamond is now distributing these in the US with a slightly more appropriate packaged offering for new Busou Shinki fans. I think the idea is that you get one or two complete action figures and then you can buy additional "Weapons Sets" that are just the armor and weapons. Diamond decided wisely to offer all of their selections with a figure. Just be careful when ordering elsewhere. It's easy to tell usually cause if it comes complete with a figure, it will be $40-$50 each. If it's just the Weapons set, it will be $20-$25.

One of the guys thoughtfully posted a link to another online toy store featuring Japanese toys. It's called ToysLogic and at first I was put off a bit cause it looks like it's all anime figures. A little digging in the left hand menu and you can see their offering is pretty deep in all kinds of Japanese toys, not just the cutesy anime stuff. Most impressive is their selection of Busou Shinki figures. Many of them are pre-order right now, but they have some good pics (which is where I got these).

The first new Weapons Set that caught my eye is this Vaffe Dolphin EX Weapons Type (above) which means no figure included. The theme is some kind of "SEAL" operative with fins and scuba gear and all that. Looks pretty good and will go well with my other figures when they show up. I'm kinda torn on the whole "outfit" thing as I would want a figure to hang this weapons set on all the time. Maybe they should just offer a generic figure as well.

Next is this cool winged "Eucrate" figure which does come complete. Kinda reminds me of the Winged Gundam or "Zone of Enders" character. I like it a lot. I'm ordering it.


The rest of these below are interesting and all, but not enough to get me to bust out my credit card or write any further about them. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words, right?





Anonymous said...

Konami actually does offer some blank figures through their website:
Ahh, but they look to be mostly sold out:

toybot studios said...

Thanks Domu!

I saw those blanks. very cool. I think I need a black one for the Dolphin figure set. Maybe Diamond will release a full set like they are for the WaffeBuny.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that you will be excited to access to the following website and look at a lot of pictures of Busou Shinki.

Shinki TEKE @ Shinki Squares
(A fan site of Busou Shinki in Japan)

Have a fun!

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