Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sneak Peek at Quadroplastic New Toys


Quadroplastic is the brainchild of one Maxim Zhestkov. He is a motion, graphic and toy designer based in Russia. I found his site by happenchance a ways back and uploaded the pics to my flickr account. To my surprise, he saw them and left a note that they would be out soon. Judging by the response from the Flickr toy glitterati, they will be very popular. I love the clean, simple lines and hope that the final prodution toys have this much detailing. Simply superb. Not sure how big they are, but I would venture to guess 4-5" tall to appropriately capture the details. They all have that "Space 2001" vibe going on, yet whimsical as well. I can hardly wait!




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