Monday, March 19, 2007

Max Toy Co. x Gargamel Deathra!!!


From Max Toy Co:

Painted version - We will post this for sale on Monday March 19th, 2007 - please note that we pre-sold this to our Toy Club members and all editions but this are now sold out. We will only have 15 of these painted versions left for sale on Monday.

Here are the ediitons for this toy:

Deathra painted version with matching Mark Nagata Giclee print , numbered 1-25 ( sold out )

Deathra No Paint , Toy Club version , numbered 1-30 ( sold out )

Deathra painted version , numbered 1-45 ( on sale monday, 15 remain )

Deathra Artist Proof edition 5 each of painted and clear - not for sale





1 comment:

Anonymous said...

NOOOO! I missed it! I've been looking for a clear vinyl colorway of the Gargamel Deathra! oh well...the SDCC version is still better, and I already have a purple vinyl deathra.

hey, TBS, do you know if the Super 7 version of Deathra is GID? my art toy goal is to have one solid colorway Deathra, a clear, and a GID. I still don't know about art toys yet, but I like Deathra. dizzamn


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