Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Armored Core Kits!!


I'm a huge fan of Armored Core Mech designs and tried to collect all the action figures several years ago. Still some of my favorite toys to this day. From Software decided to launch a series of very realistic kits which as you can see are amazing if done properly. Of course, to get it to look like this, you need some serious patience and talent. Either one of these I possess very little and that's why I don't build kits anymore. So my request to From Software is to make these kits into action figures in the same scale as the first series in these updated designs! Thank You...





Anonymous said...

I second that motion. Go back to the action figures, Kotobukiya.

Or at least release more trading figures. Please?

Anonymous said...

Some of my favorite toys are Armored Core. I just wish I could paint better for the kits. You can check out some sweet Armored Core Figures and kits at VideoGameToys.net. There stuff is great! Keep up the awesome blog!

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