Thursday, March 29, 2007

Paul Kaiju Rocking The Secret Base GID!!


Paul Kaiju does it again! He's constantly improving his techniques and outdoing each previous custom! I asked Paul to customize my GID Skull Pirate. To some, this is sacrilege because there are less than 50 GID Skull Pirates in existence. To me, however, I really feel Paul is unleashing the full potential of the otherwise plain Pirate! Take a look and you be the judge! The only guidance I gave Paul was that I wanted it bright. This Skull Pirate looks like he's on the way to an 80's surf party or maybe leaving a 90's Rave! He also pioneered a new paint technique which you can see on the eye patch, head and arms. Just amazing!





Now take a look at what he did for LivingDead Mark on his GID Secret Base SkullMerry! Again, amazing, brilliant work!! Doesn't the cow skull look real?




Paul Kaiju, you are a master! Thank you.

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