Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Custom BLObPUS Piece for Toy Tokyo Kaiju Show!!

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I think BLObPUS did this amazing custom piece for Toy Tokyo's upcoming Custom Kaiju show in April. This insane piece looks like some kind of diorama of a mad Kaiju scientist creating a Frankenstein-like BLObPUS!!!!

Although his blog makes mention of New York's Toy Fair next week, when I spoke to Lev from TT today, he said a couple of the Japanese designers might have got the events and dates confused..?

Also check out that toybot studios got a little shout out... He says something about my post congratulating him on his 3rd Anniversary and that I shouldn't be painting over any of his toys....!!! lol!!! hahahaha. just kidding. I don't think it said that, but i'm not quite sure....!!

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