Monday, February 04, 2008

BLObPUS 3rd Anniversary!!!!!

2238793924_53349f3fcd_o 400x533

Wow, to think it's only been 3 years since the amazing BLObPUS started making toys. This genre is still so new. I think we are about to see a lot of growth in interest in this toy niche....So how else are we going to celebrate BLObPUS' 3rd Anniversary? With toy exclusives of course!!!!

2238003463_5d3a52e75b_o 400x533

Check out this amber set ala Jurassic Park!! Notice that the BLObPUS below is a DX with insert.

2238794096_4cbce8b575_o 400x384

2238003491_54b095094f_o 400x431

2238794114_d5f6fe07a9_o 400x418

What would an Anniversary be without collaborations?? How about with T9G and this Rasta Rangeas? Yah, Mon!!

blobpus3rdanniverrangeaal8 400x587

Or with Touma and One Up with this Skuttle Docross?

2238794064_8c304857c0_o 400x389

In any case, all of these exclusives rock!! Happy Anniversary BLObPUS!!!! We wish you many, many more!!!

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