Monday, February 25, 2008

Wonder Con 2008, Moscone Center, San Francisco!!!

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WonderCon is the first major Comics Convention of the year, but kinda the warm-up to it's Big Brother, Comic-Con in San Diego in July. There are some toys, but mostly Star Wars and Comic Book action figures. Regardless, WonderCon is fun and both Super7 and Rotofugi had booths with exclusive toys.

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First stop is Super 7. Two exclusive toys and a big Kaiju Sale was worth the visit to WonderCon all by itself. Masters of their domain Glenn and Lee at the Super 7 booth.

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The first exclusive toy is the before mentioned Baby Ava Hedoran from Gargamel to commemorate Brian Flynn and Dora Drimalas new daughter Ava.

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The Secret Release is this RAD green mini RealxHead Mutant Head. This is the first time in history that a Real x Head toy has been simultaneously released at WonderCon in San Francisco and Wonder Festival in Japan! The RxH minis are killing it! I can hardly wait to see the Mutant Evil and Bigaro!!!!

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After picking up the exclusives and a very cool rainbow metallic Bullmark Mecha Godzilla CHEAP (Thanks Glenn!) from Super 7, second stop is our friends from the Windy City, Whitney and Kirby from Rotofugi. They too have a couple of exclusives...

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How about this insane Radioactive Marnon from Dream Rocket?? This is my first Marmon and I gotta say it's pretty cool. I normally wouldn't buy a figure like this cause it takes up way too much shelf space, but as I looked over all the details including the faces on the shell and the vomit coming out of one to form the tail, the GID vinyl inside, the toxic colorway, I was sold!!

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Available in un-painted too...

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It's meant to match this other Dream Rockets toy...

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Whitney and Kirby imitating the new Marnon split tongue...

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The second exclusive is this Cronic! Dorome. The painted version is amazing with these metallic paints over a light green / putty base. The unpainted version looks like this....just...un-painted. Not as cool IMO.

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Cosplay anyone?

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How about master customizer, super nice guy and all around bad-ass Jesse Hernandez with his own animated TV show called The Nutshack!!

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THE NUTSHACK A troublesome Frisco native and his freshly imported Filipino cousin, find out they're not only related, but future roommates. All thanks to their womanizing uncle “Tito Dick!” Set in the worst neighborhood of SanFrancisco, The Tenderloin, these two learn about life, love and Diversity, from all the wrong people. Pimps, Hoes, Bums, Talking Monkeys, and Transvestites help school our boys, and make this cartoon one of the freshest and funniest new animated shows to drop in a long time! Featuring the voices of comedian Rex Navarrete, show creators Ramon Lopez and Jesse Hernandez. Don't miss a minute of the off the wall adventures of Jack, Phil and the rest of the Nutshack crew as they offend all cultures, sexes and animals.

SCHEDULE:The show airs on MYX Wednesdays at 8pm HI ,10pm PST, 11pm MT, 12 CST, 1am EST with replays on Friday, and Sunday nights in the same timeslot.

Check out the Trailer...

The Nutshack Crew...

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Import models are always a good way to promote....anything!

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A few Kaiju tables...

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What's Con without your Edged weapons booth?

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My last stop of the day was with Robin Kwok, owner of 1/6 headquarters, Heroes Club. If you like 1/6 scale figures, check out more articles on Heroes Club HERE

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WonderCon was great, but really looking forward to the big show at San Diego Comic-Con!!!!

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