Monday, February 04, 2008

Ashley Woods World War Robot New Pics!!

2236099413_1ba4be5134_o 400x565

Some new pics from Ashley Wood X Big Shot Toyworks World War Robot aka Bertie. I am super excited about this guy. I'm ready to just send Klim at Big Shot Toyworks a wad of cash for these two guys. Look at these pics? If they can get the paint to look as weathered and detailed as this, were in for a serious hit. I've seen pictures of these guys to give a sense of scale and they are HUGE! They are not 12" inches tall. Much bigger. At between $250-$300 each, they are not cheap either. But with 47 (there abouts) points of articulation, were talking a serious toy here. Klim mentioned that the hand gun picture below is 4" inches long. Think about that. That's almost the size of real (albeit tiny) hand gun!!! Look for them at the New York Comic Con in April.

2236099411_f503eb242c_o 400x563

2237182340_b80b13041a_o 400x548

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