Thursday, February 14, 2008

Revoltech Griffin J-9 with Aqua Unit!!!

TOY-RBT-0132_01 400x603

Here is the latest from Kaiyodo's cash machine that is Revoltech. This little bad boy is #45 in the series!! Damn, that's a small army!!! Griffin J-9 from the Patlabor universe with his Aqua Unit. I suppose it's his underwater jet pack. I love this mech's design and the Aqua Unit compliments the design well. Get your latest fix for around $20 at your local dealer or BigBadToyStore.

TOY-RBT-0132_02 400x618

TOY-RBT-0132_05 400x417

TOY-RBT-0132_04 400x555

TOY-RBT-0132_06 400x360

TOY-RBT-0132_08 400x599

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