Monday, February 18, 2008

Wonder Festival 2008 Sneak Peek!!!


Wonder Festival 2008 is upon us. Next Sunday, February 24th at Tokyo Big Site in Japan. Warm up your YJA accounts as there is gonna be some good toys to be had in the after market!!! Couple of preview items....

New picture of the final Secret Base x Pushead Skullwing with Bullseye. Pic lifted from Hiddy's Blog. Keep your eye out. We may have more Pushead surprises coming!!

45aa2826 400x299

New Gargamel grey Microman to add to your amy of not so micro vinyl Micromen!!

tom 400x565

RealxHead x Ichibanboshi bust out with a new Joe and Vader....

Ichibanboshi 400x299

Charatics comes with the goods for WF08!!!

KingWalder set 400x299

KingWalder the first 1 400x533

KingWalder the first 2 400x533

Henshin Cyborg 1go 1 400x533

Henshin Cyborg 1go 2 400x533

Majin bander 400x533

Golden Matango 400x299

GodzillaTank 400x299

MiniraTank 400x299

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