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A Day in the Life of a Japanese Vinyl Toy Collector!!


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This past Saturday was a day we have been waiting weeks for. Already delayed one week, the Super7 "Be My Valentine" day couldn't come any faster. There was a boat load of festivities and toys to be had. A ton of older, rare toys that Super 7 acquired from a few collections was the first order of business. First come, first served. That's why you see the picture above of a few very die-hard and cold toy collectors. I got to the store at an un-godly 6:47am. Autopsy's brother was there at 5:30am and Setyourgoals with his GF Shannon were there at 6:30am. Amazingly... with good company and invigorating toy discussion, 4 hours goes by surprisingly fast.


The S7 staff is bringing out the toys so everyone is checking out what is going to be going on sale. We have seen a teaser pic before, but didn't otherwise know what was going on sale. Everyone is trying to figure out what the person in front of them is going to buy so they can make their pic. The air is tense and filled with axiousness...

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Mangakaben spots at least two older RealxHead

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10:55am: The Barbarians are at the gates....!!!

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Once in the store, you are allowed to choose only one older toy. To see a superset of what was offered, CLICK HERE. There was about a third of this at Super 7.

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Then you could get one of each of the new RealxHead releases including a new Bigaro, mini red Chaos, mini green splatter Mutant Head, Green Bubble Mutant Head. These were pretty limited and only a few were in-store. Notice Hiro getting ready for the 2nd big event: RealxHead unpainted Yellow Chaos!!!!


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Only 5 of these buggers to go around throughout the Distro stores and on Skullbrain . And the lucky winner is: Marswillrule!!!

11:45 am

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He makes a hasty escape with his Blood Pirate and forgoes the rest of the activities for fear of being toy-mugged!!! Lol....


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Band of Brothers, Xoconostle, Uberboy and Setyourgoals show off their bounty from the sale.


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The next big event was Tradefest!!!! Several of us brought our "Tradebait" which are toys we are willing to trade for other toys. One man's trash is another's treasure. I was pleasantly surprised how many guys came out for this. The volume and quality of the toys was tremendous as well. I made more than one great trade. We are planning to have tradefest on major toy release days or shows.

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Playdohpunk on the right checking out the wares...

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mangakaben, rhinomilk, xoconostle, playdohpunk haggling out the big deals...

IMG_0735 400x533

Uberboy with all killer, no filler trades. I ended up with them micro mini smoguns..! Thanks Steve!

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IMG_0747 400x533

whthalo with a box load of good stuff! Thanks for the trades Joe!!!

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Check out this video whthalo shot with the mobile phone. Awesome!!


As the deals wind down and boxes are being re-packed, a couple of the guys show off some of their kaiju-related artwork...

Playdohpunk with his glass bead work of a Zagoran...


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gatchabert with this award-winning "Hothead" Secret Base Skullman Custom and painting....nice!!

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We finish our toy nirvana day with Katsu Curry Don at "On the Bridge" in the Japantown mall which is the un-official Skullbrain lunch spot. mmmmmmm....curry!!

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