Monday, February 04, 2008

Valentine's Day Toys for Your Sweetheart!!!

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Just in case you have no idea what to get your significant other, why not a Valentine's Day Kaiju? We have two offerings from which to choose that might fare better than silly flowers and chocolate!!

Comet Debris has this awesome little sweetheart package complete with chocolate:

Full Set includes Mini Zagoran, Mini Deathra, and Mini Vegan Chocolate Bakobas. Small Set includes Mini Zagoran and Mini Deathra. Figures are pink, red, and white. Bakobas is vegan chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. The perfect gift for your special someone on Valentines Day (?). Each set comes in Valentines packaging, with each figure in its own Valentines bag, and includes a blank Valentines card for a special message. I am offering these sets now in order to get them shipped to you by February 14th. . These sets are very limited in number.

Interested? Gotta go to his website above and sign up to his mailing list!!

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Next up is the latest colorway of Super7's Visighost:

February is approaching, and love is in the air at Super7, in the form of the VALENTINES DAY VISIGHOST!!!

Visighost is alll dressed up and on his best behavior, and wants to make your Valentine's Day something special. Whether you like the motorcycle baddies, or the nice ones you can take home to meet your parents, Visighost is ready to be the love of your life. Scary yet sweet, charming yet sinister, Visighost's ghostly clear pink vinyl body shows that he has nothing to hide.

This 9" figure designed by Brian Flynn is cast in clear pink vinyl with white and maroon spray. Visighost will be offered for sale at $65, Thursday February 14th, at 11am at the Super7 Store.

Don't be left without a date! Won't you be our Valentine?

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Anonymous said...

they are scary they r not V'Days gift...

toybot studios said...

hahaha! How could these toys in pink and red with little hearts be scary?? Your sweetheart will love them!! they make the perfect gift!! well.....probably not. maybe only if she collects Japanese toys anyways!!

toybot studios said...

I just checked Ashi's blog above. His site Giftex is all about gift exchange. check it out to see all the traditional Valentine's Day gifts.

Ashi, I really think you should include my V'Day gift ideas!!! hahahaha!

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