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Plaseebo Valentine's Day Night Gamer!!!!

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Bob Conge from Plaseebo has another hit on his hands with this Valentine's Day Night Gamer figure.

From Bob:

He is made from glow in the dark vinyl and hand painted in shades of pink and violet. The hart on his chest glows in the dark as well as the top of his head. He has a blue vinyl probe and red glass inset eyes. He also has a motion activated LED unit inside his body that illuminates his heart with a warm red hart beat. Each figure will be hand signed and numbered. The price will be $110. plus $9. shipping in the US.

This figure will only be made to order.
The edition will be limited to the number of orders received by midnight February 14, 2008

If you would like to order the VALENTINES DAY NIGHT GAMER send $119. via Pay Pal to:

* Please note "VALENTINES DAY NIGHT GAMER" on the subject line.

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This is a synopsis of the back-story written by Bob

Once upon a time....... in a parallel universe, 30 seconds ahead us, a life form achieved the ability to travel at 186,000 miles per second. With increasing speed the pinkish skin color of their small stumpish bodies went transparent as they became smaller and smaller till disappearing with a flash of blue light. Having traveled for 30 seconds the creatures, who are always in pairs, arrive in OUR universe.

As night fell, the Night Gamers stopped to drink from a garden of morning glories that had been coaxed open by the full moon.Nectar was their only food source and being free of a need to consume living plants or animals served to support their Buddhist view of life. They moved through their environment disturbing as little as possible with the belief they should encounter all things in the order that life experience would present them.

Later that night the pair came upon a Teddy Bear factory where they found two un-stuffed bear suits. The fit was perfect and would allow them to move about undetected in this new world. They fell asleep in a shipping box and the next morning find themselves in a truck on its way to a toy store in New York City. The following morning our Night Gamers are purchased in a 2 for 1 sale and taken home by two young brothers.

That night, as the boys lie sleeping, the Night Gamers slip out of their bear ware in the darkness of the small room and hover on either side of the head of the boy closest to the window. .................THEY ARE READY TO PLAY !

This is the one and only reason they have risked their lives traversing an unknown passage to our universe ............
................ GAMING !

Think of the boys brain as a kind of X-box and the boys memory, thoughts, feelings, etc., as the software with which the Night Gamers will construct a game to play each other.

The game begins as the Night Gamers slowly extend their probes and gently insert them into the ears of the sleeping boy. Once a Gamer is in, he has access to Everything contained within that given brain.

Searching thru the data, past the boys favorite colors and ice cream flavor, they came upon a school report he just finished writing about the Wright brothers flight of the Kitty Hawk. The game that emerged from the data would require the player to build a virtual working model of the plane, learn to fly, and stay aloft for five minutes. The first one to do so wins.

As the challenge began, the heads of the two players appear to glow in shifting colors and as the frenzy of the game increased, so did the brightness of the flashing colors inside their heads, till the walls and ceiling of the small room echoed with the razzle-dazzel of a county fair on the fourth of July. It ended in a draw, but the Night Gamers took their names from that first game in our universe, Wilber and Orvil.

Stay tuned for the ongoing adventures of Wilber and Orvil, the NIGHT GAMERS.

PLASEEBO CUSTOM is pleased to offer the first edition "NIGHT GAMER"

The "NIGHT GAMER" figure was co-designed and sculpted by Bill Hand and Bob Conge. The first edition 7 inch Night Gamer is roto-cast in blue vinyl with a GID probe, blue inset eyes, and a multi color changing LED set inside the head The figure will also come with a glow in the dark brain accessory. The header card illustration was done by our third Plaseebo artist John Kastner. These Plaseebo Customs ULTRA LIMITED color-way editions will be strictly limited to runs of 20 pieces or less worldwide and are all hand painted by Bob. Each figure will be hand signed and numbered.

The price is $110. plus $10. shipping in the US. *(Limited to 1 per customer)

The Night Gamer / Ultra Limited Edition-1 will drop Wednesday afternoon EST, February 6th on the store page of Plaseebo website,

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