Tuesday, February 05, 2008


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I went big on the BLObPUS Lucky Bags this year and don't regret it for a moment. I eventually ended up buying everything that BLObPUS offered this year including the three awesome sets with Skull Toys and then some. Pictures of the Skull Toys collaboration will have to wait until next week....

This first Lucky Bag BLObPUS is my favorite DX at the moment. The guts are clear yellow with details in black, blood red abd a bit of gold. The figure itself is clear with black and gold highlights. It's subtle, but works very well together. If "Goldfinger" collected Japanese Kaiju and he was into BLObPUS, this would definitely be his favorite.

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The 2nd Lucky Bag BLObPUS is this interesting GID fellow. The guts are GID with pink and purple details. The figure itself is clear yellow. Next to him, we have the little BLObPI with red and siler tinsel inside. Nice touch. The beauty of the DX line is that with the guts, you have to have a clear body. Clear with guts are my favorite!!!!! BLObPUS, keep on making DX. I can devote an entire Detolf to DX!!

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Tomorrow, check back cause we have a couple of custom BLObPUS that I think you will like!!!

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