Sunday, February 10, 2008

Phuek! Custom RealxHead Mutant Evil!!!!

Destriodfronta 400x518

Although Phuek! usually customizes Western Vinyl toys, I have always been a big fan. Mostly because he adds his signature "Brushed Stainless Steel" finish to all of his toys, but more importantly, because he adds a bit of mecha to any custom. So when I first spotted this custom RealxHead Mutant Evil, I was surprised and excited. I wondered if he was going to start customizing more Japanese vinyl? I later found out that this was a commission for a RealxHead collector so maybe not. I think I was also a bit disappointed that he didn't do more with the know, added that bit of mecha. Nonetheless, it's pretty cool with it's Samurai Banner and Akuma Beads. Love to see more custom Japanese Vinyl from Phuek!!

Destriodback 400x518

Destriodzoom1 400x299

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