Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Pushead x Secret Base x Astro Zombies "Bullseye" Skullwing!!!

sw-bulls 400x411

Astro Zombies finally released the full picture of the latest Secret Base Skullwing designed by the legendary Pushead. It's supposed to have a Bulleye on the back of the head. If my translator is working properly, they will first be released in Japan at Wonder Festival on February 24th. Then at the Astro Zombies store on March 1st. Hopefully there will be chase figure and hopefully plenty to go around on Yahoo Japan Auctions (like the last release). Before I new anything about Japanese vinyl, the Skullwing was one of the first Secret Base designs that stood out for me. This is probably the only toy that regardless of the colorway, i'm buying it.

skullwing-bulls 400x209

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