Friday, February 15, 2008

toybot studios custom naked Real x Head Akrokaiser!!

IMG_2076 400x599

Based on the RealxHead flesh Akro, this custom was a bit touch and go. I prefer my Akros the same way I prefer strippers: topless. No need for all that bulky armor. When I first laid down the paint, I wasn't feeling the colorway. Too green. Added some clear blue, but what I think salvaged this custom was the details. I like the belt, arm circles and especially the blood red veins popping from his huge noggin. He would make for a good Tylenol commercial.

IMG_2081 400x599

IMG_2080 400x599

IMG_2079 400x599

IMG_2077 400x599

1 comment:

Japan Media Midwest said...

Do you use an airbrush for your customs? If so, what kind of setup would you reccomend for a beginner?

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