Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kozik 3' foot tall Real x Head Mutant Evil Update Pics

DSC00513 400x514

The Facts:
size: 36"
material: Fiberglass, polyurethane car paint and clearcoat.
colorway: Nightstalker
Edition size:
Orders plus some for me and 3 for Mori

A: Pick up in North Hollywood CA- 550.00 plus 47.00 sales tax= 597.00
B:Pick up in SF or Shipped in CA-550+47+84.00= 681.00
C: Shipped Lower 48= 634.00

Overseas: add 800.00 shipping. =1300.00-OR ARRANGE YOUR OWN SHIPPING FROM LA.
Hawaii: add 400.00 shipping= 950.00-OR ARRANGE YUOP+R OWN SHIPPING FROM LA
*note-ANY overseas orders will have to be INSURED, which means you will also have to pay your countries Import Duties. NO uninsured overseas shipment will be sent.

Orders accepted until March 15th, 2008

ETA :June/July 2008

Please pay via Paypal:

DSC00514 400x564


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