Friday, February 22, 2008

Lamour Supreme x RealxHead x Mutant Massacre Set is HERE!!

2120218640_34e4b95788_b 400x347

Probably the most anticipated collaboration of last year is finally here!! The amazing talent of L'amour Supreme combined with RealxHead and Mutant Massacre have joined forces for an extremely limited ultimate RxH package. This orgy of RxH madness includes a GID set of creamsicle colored green and orange Mutant Evil and Mutant Head figures, a Mutant Massacre T-Shirt flashing RxH signs above, and most important, this sick plexi-print handpainted by Lamour Supreme!! RxH collectors are ready to give up their first born for this set as only twenty (20) are being produced.... ack!!! Let the panic ensue....

2281459710_d54cf9734c_o 400x599

2280667597_4575f27672_o 400x599

2280667733_77e6127a4a_o 400x266

2280667831_8aef479db8_o 400x266

2280667653_5758a85e17_o 400x599

2274640860_bf97cfa086_o 400x533

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