Sunday, February 24, 2008

BLObPUS at Wonder Festival 2008!!!

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Wow, this was a big toy weekend. Not only did we have Wonder Festival in Japan, we also had WonderCon in San Francisco. More pictures from Wonder Festival from our friends at Kaiju-Taro tomorrow. But I thought I would start this week off with one of my favorite toy designers, BLObPUS. Not only did he recently celebrate his 3rd Anniversary, he introduces a brand new toy at this year's Wonder Festival call "Diablo" and it looks great!!

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Pictures below from Kaiju-Taro.

In somewhat of a departure for BLObPUS, Diablo has a humanoid form....somewhat. His trademark tentacles and skull-laden arms are still there, but this figure has more of a action figure quality to it. The giant horns on top are what make the sculp for me. It looks like it's released in two colorways: Opaque Red and clear Amber. Fight your fellow BLObPUS fans on YJA for it. Going aftermarket price? north of $150....

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Oh, I also wanted to thank BLObPUS for this RAD photo collage of BLObPUS customs from Paul Kaiju, Buff Monster and toybot studios!!! Thank you, I am honored.

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